Fullblood Wagyu Highly Sought after Rare Original Genetics.
  Fullblood Wagyu Highly Sought after Rare Original Genetics.

Black Wagyu

Our fullblood wagyu breeding program is focused on marbling, size and milk.   We believe that the marbling is the focus of the breed but the needs to focus on size and maternal factors are crucial in delivering quality seedstock to the commercial cattleman.   Thus, our primary focus is on the Kedaka, Tottori, Shimane, and Itozakura lines.  We believe you can achieve "snow white" marbling back to Tajima/Kobe  lines in one breeding.   The only problem with this focus is the limitation we ahve in the breed of Kedaka and Tottori lines.  Thus, we move back and forth to the other lines.  Thus, piling on layers of size and milk.  Bulls such as Mazda, Shigefuku 005, and Kenhanafuji play crucial roles in our breeding programs but we will utilize Tajima and Shimane  lines as needed using bulls such as Beijiro, Genjiro, and others.   Our base cattle are large framed cows from Ultimate Kobe Beef and other top programs.  

J84 is the first wagyu cow we ever purchased.  She was selected in 2011 from Ultimate Kobe Beef out of 200 heifers.  She is a very large Tajima.  She weighs around 1400 lbs today.  She is a great embryo producer as she has produced up to 28 embryos in one flush. 

Above photo of J84 in January 2017.  She was recently flushed to Mazda and we have embryos available as well as calves later in 2017.

FBB21669  is sired by Genesis and is one of the most outstanding heifers we have ever seen.  She was previously a champion show heifer and was bred by Yarmony Ranch of Colorado.  She will produce calves with  marbling, size, and growth in a very neat package. Embryos available by JVP HIRATAFUJI 402 (FB2116)  .

FBB9975 comes to us from Buck Mountain Ranch here in Missouri.  She produced a Jiro sired calf that had the largest ribeye ever measured at Buck Mountain.  You can ask Mike Kerby about that mating.  We have tried to out produce that ribeye with her by flushing to  JVP KIKUYASU-400 (FB2100).   

FBB25634  Without a doubt this is a special female.   Sired by SHIGEFUKU J1822 (FB6538) out of a cow that was sold by us private treaty to Wagyu Sekai in Canada by Michifuku and a full sister to Kage and Toshiro.   This is an amazing mating of size, milk, growth, and marbling.  She is AA and SCD 7.  

FBB12899 has three main bulls in her pedegree: Itomichi, Itoshigenami and Itozuro Doi.  She was formerly a donor for Sutton Ranch in Oregon.  What a pedegree! You would be hard pressed to find a better donor for growth, milk, and marbling in North America.

One of the first KENHANAFUJI (FB2461)    calves born in North America in 20 years.  We are one of the very few ranches in North America that have semen on this amazing bull and have cattle to sell by this bull.  

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Currently we are flushing to the following bulls: Mazda, 005 Shigefuku J1822, JVP Kikuyasu 400, Beijiro, Mt Fuji out of cows including Mazda daughters, Genjiro, Michifuku, Genesis in the blacks.  

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